*BULLY* IMPOSTER Mod in Among Us
We add a BULLY IMPOSTER in Among Us

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  • under pg3d
    under pg3d

    me whose on laptop and has the like button turning black : amogus sussy baka

  • Irma A Saenz
    Irma A Saenz

    You been a nerd for the whole video and you still had 100 tasks left lol

  • Anwitha Kamarajugadda
    Anwitha Kamarajugadda

    Bully Imposter? More like Nerd Imposter

  • Sniper wolf shadow legends
    Sniper wolf shadow legends

    I laughed so hard when Sandy was screaming when he messed up on the task

  • Micheal Freedy
    Micheal Freedy

    Biffle: I’m coming for ya :also biffle: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (in a manly way)

  • EggDerp

    Bro this whole episode, the nerd wasn’t scared of the bully… the bully was scared of the nerd..

  • Graci Alvarado
    Graci Alvarado

    do a student vs teacher mod

  • Mr. Goat
    Mr. Goat

    Do a Xbox vs Nintendo switch

  • Bunnyplayz 🥰👌
    Bunnyplayz 🥰👌

    There as been 2 evil techers

  • ChaosGamerYT

    4:00 XD

  • P & P Heard
    P & P Heard

    1:33, 3:23, 8:30 Wilhelm Scream 9:19 it would be more entertaining if he used the autoclicker

  • Hillary Millerd
    Hillary Millerd

    mod idea:evil bully vs evil teacher but the teacher is on the crewmates team and the bully is the imposter

  • Sydnee_G

    Do A evil Fruit pie mod

  • The almighty stitch
    The almighty stitch

    Do a Simpsons mod

  • Sussy

    My like button isn’t blue :(

  • Roger Lopez
    Roger Lopez

    Narto mod

  • Roger Lopez
    Roger Lopez


  • Riley Baldwin
    Riley Baldwin

    Ummm my like button is white when I hit it i don't like builes I swear

  • Nick Baldassano
    Nick Baldassano

    Make a mine craft among us mod that would be epic ssundee

  • Kiah NYC
    Kiah NYC

    No in a text game his is a imposter and his sus

  • Noel Jayvee Francisco
    Noel Jayvee Francisco

    How about evil student next :D

  • Cory Wells
    Cory Wells



    Ssundee Didn’t know that he did not get hit

  • Nerf wize 84
    Nerf wize 84

    i dont know why but it feels like i am watching ED,EDD N EDDY

  • Saswat Behera
    Saswat Behera

    I never been a bully cause i m 8 bruh

  • asyifah hecker
    asyifah hecker

    14:33 look like is cry bully di sad

  • Amy Cole
    Amy Cole


  • Evil Child
    Evil Child

    I will try not to be a Canis Canem Edit (Dog eat dog)

  • Nixventure 10
    Nixventure 10

    Why do you never use the vents?

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia

    i got bullied :(

  • Deuce Ex
    Deuce Ex

    That is funny

  • Deuce Ex
    Deuce Ex

    Funny fact of Gary and zud: The reason why sundee said “it’s swirly time” and they screamed “NO”

    • Lachlan Campbell
      Lachlan Campbell


  • orange pen productions inc
    orange pen productions inc

    11:58 AHHHHH

  • Alligator Raptor
    Alligator Raptor

    Saunders face

  • van tran
    van tran

    I actually Just need to tell you all about the HRlessr so the HRlessr is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! combo panda:::sundee:::Jayden:::pghfilms:::game-toons:::aphmau:::gravycatman:::bionic:::unspeakable:::Preston:::mrbeast::: those are the HRlessRSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • van tran
    van tran

    this is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat

  • van tran
    van tran


  • X t o f u X
    X t o f u X

    I hate bully’s

  • X t o f u X
    X t o f u X

    My sister is a bully

  • Brayden Leake
    Brayden Leake

    You’re a Bully Can’t believe you would say something about that and even make a song about it how about crater HRless just roasting him

  • The Fire of Gaming 3 (currently canceled)
    The Fire of Gaming 3 (currently canceled)

    We all hate school because of bullies the only reason is bullies

  • Beth Finley
    Beth Finley

    What is the funny part?

  • Dean Garcia
    Dean Garcia

    Bully bad

  • Luxury8

    Mod suggestion: water bottle mod where you try and empty your water bottle an escape in the trash

  • Scarlet Peterson-Bishop
    Scarlet Peterson-Bishop

    I’ve been bullied all my life It’s sad

  • Fatima Bazzi
    Fatima Bazzi

    COV_30_sussy ps4

  • Ezra’s uplods
    Ezra’s uplods

    More poison escape

  • Alicja S. Alusia
    Alicja S. Alusia

    The like button below turns black

  • Youcallmelucky

    and i have youtoube channel

  • Youcallmelucky

    u idiot when u when u done with ur task the exit was right beside you

  • Luisa Tedranes
    Luisa Tedranes

    A hate bullys

  • Hilda Bero
    Hilda Bero

    I hate bullys but 2 Bullys Bullying me

  • Evie Mead
    Evie Mead

    My like button turned white !

  • Via Banana
    Via Banana

    I think the paper mod

    • Via Banana
      Via Banana

      And the crew mates need to be flat on a table go to the Big Door that is close The map it is a floor and it’s a House

    • Via Banana
      Via Banana

      The imposter is biggest paper that holder scissors



  • Rose Long
    Rose Long

    Nerd more like ninja killer

  • Baby Nhyx and Ate Nhice
    Baby Nhyx and Ate Nhice

    Yes I Like your idea Bro

  • kristuff playzz
    kristuff playzz

    i like how ssundee did a high pitch scream when he messed up the last thing *ding* *ding* boom ssundee : *high pitch voice* ahhhhhh

  • devion carlton
    devion carlton

    pss a as

  • Wendy Burkes Palmer
    Wendy Burkes Palmer

    love how he won without venting once

  • devion carlton
    devion carlton

    HI GADRiEl chaves \

  • Micah Brown
    Micah Brown

    you know ythairs somthing called a vent

  • toxic Test
    toxic Test

    11:59 cut scream

  • Derek gbxvcbcxvv
    Derek gbxvcbcxvv

    Small Kyle has hurt 😢 in a few days as I 7j8jejsj as

  • Jennifer Pereira
    Jennifer Pereira

    Do a principal mod like this comment if you agree with me

  • Nikki Gorham
    Nikki Gorham

    Being completely honest does he even play real among us anymore

  • U K
    U K

    i'm not a bully peoples I love people what the bullies to just bully me I just slap them and kick them on his bum and frightened and what the teacher come I was standstill then talk to my teacher teacher and a bully John is killing me then the blizzard now hitting me and said no he's tricking you he hit me first thing on this video

  • storm jackson
    storm jackson

    I think SSunde forget how to vent bc he could've vented in electrical to escape '-'

  • shadow assassin
    shadow assassin

    do some different videos then among us plzzz

  • Raquel Chavez
    Raquel Chavez


  • Cord Miller
    Cord Miller

    Rick and Morty mod maybe

  • Anthony

    This is like the jailbreak mod and the wedding Mod

  • Mateo Lepe
    Mateo Lepe

    In fact I’ve been bullied

  • Alyssa Suber
    Alyssa Suber

    New mod Solar system mod! -Jupiter throws its gas -Saturn throws rings -Earth creates life -Neptune goes invisible -Uranus goes invisible -Mercury burns others -Venus kills others -Mars freezes others

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus

    It’s my b day today

  • Bode Mackie
    Bode Mackie

    I think the nerd has TOO much of an advantage

  • brookelc1123


  • Rui De Sousa
    Rui De Sousa

    What if the like button turns black

  • Nathan Oropeza
    Nathan Oropeza

    Do the principal mod.

  • ✦XxʀᴏsᴇʙᴜsʜxX✦ daycore
    ✦XxʀᴏsᴇʙᴜsʜxX✦ daycore

    Hey .. uh ein .. what the -hxxl- we’re you THINKING?!?

  • The Cross
    The Cross

    Ya I don't like bullys

  • Soul Sniper_YT
    Soul Sniper_YT

    bro your vids make me laugh

  • keyboard killer
    keyboard killer

    This feels like madness combat

  • Cannon Hamblen
    Cannon Hamblen

    I got suspended from school but the bully hurt me

  • Shan Lester Bautista
    Shan Lester Bautista

    FGB to t

  • G gamer
    G gamer


  • Porter Tysdal
    Porter Tysdal

    Day 7 of asking you to do a Friday night funkin mod

  • Nick Peternell
    Nick Peternell

    so cool,amasing

  • Jude Losa
    Jude Losa

    amoog us mod

  • TrayUwO10

    make a friday night funkin mod plz

  • Ingmar Verweij
    Ingmar Verweij

    0:17 "Don't ever bully" *Fifteen seconds later* Bullies nerds.

  • Eric Hlwan Moe Myat
    Eric Hlwan Moe Myat

    I never wanna be a bully.

  • sanos

    Make part 2 u be a bully this time

  • GOrilica BezCYca
    GOrilica BezCYca

    thats tryhard in among us

  • Devran Proplayer
    Devran Proplayer

    Bullyyyyyusss boooooooooooo Ssunde nice cool bully are nerd

  • Carly Jo Bsbauta
    Carly Jo Bsbauta

    HRlessrs mod

  • TwoFace Joker
    TwoFace Joker

    Yes 👏

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards

    Boy you know i dont LOVEEEE bullys bro i am bullyd by my mom today

  • Dustin Bailey outdoors
    Dustin Bailey outdoors

    The like button actually turned White thanks for HRless update so I guess everyone is lying 😂