FATHER vs SON BED WARS (Minecraft)
We play BED WARS vs My SON!

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  • For honor Xd
    For honor Xd

    He is playing on a lab top smh

  • paanzz

    Bruh the like button turns black.

  • Sumit Thapa
    Sumit Thapa

    When the dad is more energetic then the son

  • فرد گراگوسیان
    فرد گراگوسیان


  • Mr potato
    Mr potato

    Where is Colton playing

  • Divya Bharti
    Divya Bharti

    LOL i have never played bedwar

  • Jon Jayms
    Jon Jayms

    Petition to get Colton a gaming setup->

  • Poyraz Dogruyol
    Poyraz Dogruyol

    The only thing he says he “NO!” 😂

  • Martye Beck
    Martye Beck


  • Martye Beck
    Martye Beck


  • Эрдэнэбаатар Дашдондов
    Эрдэнэбаатар Дашдондов


  • RNG_Mikey

    Question why is Ian my favorites HRlesser but when he plays whith Colton he just looks like a boomer

  • KrillinWinnin

    More bedwars!!!!!!

  • Chase Murray
    Chase Murray

    Oh i haven't played bedwars. But the like button turned blue????

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen

    U .?

  • christopher willams
    christopher willams

    same but every time Colten died he looked like he wanted to cry

  • luigy leonor
    luigy leonor

    Wallibear is cooler than you foot

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name

    4:32, I can't believe Ssundee has drop set to Q, smh.

  • Clownpierce2

    hi coltlen

  • Guardian Gamer
    Guardian Gamer

    My screen was broken and I hit the like button and it was fixed

  • Kiko gamer
    Kiko gamer

    colten is cracked

  • Lanz Xander Dwayne Cualing
    Lanz Xander Dwayne Cualing

    Like father like son

  • Sudheer Reddy
    Sudheer Reddy

    I would just invis and magic milk and break his bed and kb stick them off

  • Breezy Dino
    Breezy Dino

    I am subbed to both of you😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 I love both of your vid s

  • Breezy Dino
    Breezy Dino

    Bionic How Did You find it

  • 🧂 sALtY 🧂
    🧂 sALtY 🧂


  • Bella Karakalidou
    Bella Karakalidou

    cool vid

  • WhyAmInsanity

    what a noob eww colty

  • Marco Panadero
    Marco Panadero

    Colton has a sweat texture pack

  • Dylan Dummitt
    Dylan Dummitt

    Does your son have a HRless channel

  • Mushtaba Sultani
    Mushtaba Sultani

    I have

  • Majed Farah
    Majed Farah

    My son has either you or your son added on Xbox

  • Raj Nadiminti
    Raj Nadiminti

    I like how Colton has gone from randomly falling into the void to speedbridging and being a sweat...

  • Pu'ah Eirene
    Pu'ah Eirene

    Sir I mean uh,what I should call you? Nevermind, ah yes. Sir Please play with your son again thats maybe cool

  • Nooby Faby
    Nooby Faby

    Dude I swear a few years ago he was like 1 yr old and now he is older than me

  • Vincent DeRose
    Vincent DeRose

    he got his sweatyness from playing to much videogames with nicovald lol

  • Vincent DeRose
    Vincent DeRose

    does colton have his own yt channel???

  • Armand Espino
    Armand Espino

    Pls tell me colton’s pack plssss

  • trickytiky hellclown
    trickytiky hellclown

    In PC the like button well be turn blue but in mobile the like button well be turn white

    • Armand Espino
      Armand Espino

      Do you know what coltons pack is?

  • [Summer] Tigger & Husky
    [Summer] Tigger & Husky

    SSundee : tells 2 of his friends i don't remember who and he tells them to go left and right SSundee after that: Henwy FOOT

  • Christopher Mendoza
    Christopher Mendoza

    Omg like my mom's love

  • Sophia Boles
    Sophia Boles

    wow i think its so cool that i actually was in class with colton and he tattled on me when i did nothing wrong! i owed recess!

  • Ayaan Bin abdul rahim
    Ayaan Bin abdul rahim

    I miss when sundee plays roblox roblox has roblox bedwars I wish he could check it out

  • Hokage Taz
    Hokage Taz

    13:37 is the face of fear and determination. Well played Colt.

  • dora hernandez
    dora hernandez

    dose colten have a youtube

  • TacoMan

    Poor kid

  • Marcus Signoretti
    Marcus Signoretti

    @Instagram user you claim to say that you make better vids but you are watching and commenting on his vids. 2nd, you only have 1 minute vids on your home page that are probably not your vids. 3rd, you have made a mr beast sucks vid which means that to get popular you need to insult other famous youtuber. And last but definitely not least. In your home page you said that your favourite channels are Lisa gaming roblox and that vegan teacher, every one knows that there are other youtubers that are exposing her and roasting her yet you decide too be on her side. You make terrible vids and you need to make better comment. It’s so easy. Thank you for listening to my comment

  • Joshap Khan
    Joshap Khan

    Bionic I am a Biggest Fan

  • taba sawen
    taba sawen

    l am ssudee

  • taba sawen
    taba sawen


  • shadowzz135


  • Fliqx

    i love how Ian says "GG" over and over again thinking colton would die 😂😂🤣

  • rhino gaming
    rhino gaming

    Please don't stop doing this 🙏 I love this I love everything you do

  • Scytherr Official
    Scytherr Official

    Having a dad that plays games must be so awesome

  • Richard Xia
    Richard Xia

    It’s been years since I visited this channel, I literally watched that kid grow up

  • Ms Rach Espiritu
    Ms Rach Espiritu

    me seeing the title: OHHH MAHHH GODDDD HE HAS A FREAK IN SON!?

  • Bernard Gamez
    Bernard Gamez

    Poor colty mc toasty look at his face when he lost

  • Mehrdad keivanpour
    Mehrdad keivanpour


  • Yt-Pickle

    CEO of no no no no no no

  • Brody B
    Brody B

    8:59 what was that face

  • Fi L
    Fi L

    Why is Colton playing on ssundee’s alt

  • Wendy Windham
    Wendy Windham

    My name is Colton

  • Logan Mah
    Logan Mah

    colton your bad

  • Sophobyte Sucks
    Sophobyte Sucks

    Colton is trying to be like dream thats why he isn’t talking

  • Jason Galloway
    Jason Galloway


  • FlameOW8 playz
    FlameOW8 playz

    I got useless info my name is Colton and Ian is my fav HRlessr so it’s kinda ironic

  • Cody Kovac
    Cody Kovac

    im a your fan

  • Cody Kovac
    Cody Kovac

    im set a kid

  • Cody Kovac
    Cody Kovac

    you heav a soon thaaths so cool

  • Sadge

    Coltons not's bad as a kid

  • Teen Tiger
    Teen Tiger


  • Teen Tiger
    Teen Tiger

    15:14 the end

  • TrueBlueDrew

    SSundee is so good!

  • Vedang Yadav
    Vedang Yadav

    His weapon animation are different

  • Joshroblox_minecraft

    mine turns black

  • Mallika Jayalath
    Mallika Jayalath

    I love to play bedwars

  • Dark Emre
    Dark Emre

    How much colton has grew...

  • Ariana Alasi
    Ariana Alasi

    Wait I didn’t know you had a son this is confusing?????

  • ximus oraiz
    ximus oraiz

    YA LIED. IT TURNED WHITE. (dark mode btw)

  • Braylon Wannomae
    Braylon Wannomae

    I did bed wars

  • mohammed hishamnishy
    mohammed hishamnishy

    Colton you should've used magic milk so that their traps wont trigger....

  • suvaswat associates
    suvaswat associates

    Wait why does you're son remind me of my Mom's sister's child AKA my cousin are they related ?

  • Gravity Space!
    Gravity Space!

    i remember this i think this is a bedwars but i think i may know this one it like hypixel but i think it diffrent

  • BigFloppa

    This is getting boring

  • Jack Jaballah
    Jack Jaballah


  • Sonia Kadamb
    Sonia Kadamb

    im a fan

  • Ebony Hanby
    Ebony Hanby

    U HAVE A SON!?!?!??

  • dinith perera
    dinith perera


  • Nathaniel Newbill
    Nathaniel Newbill

    I love bionic and ssunde

  • requis

    colton should start his own channel

  • Monkey Meister 7689
    Monkey Meister 7689

    can we get a no counter

  • Rooster Brewster
    Rooster Brewster

    This makes me happy :)

  • Nix Music
    Nix Music

    Ssundee's Son Is Literally A Sweaty Sweat!

  • BoonBoon 89
    BoonBoon 89

    Oh god I feel like that one uncle on every family reunion after seeing Colton all grown up now

  • adam


  • VoicePlayz

    I've literally waited since I found out he had a kid for this video.


    Imagine Ssundees friends sons and daughters also become best friends and also make a yt channel ans colton is soo loved :)

  • July Jimenez
    July Jimenez

    The like button turned white because I didn't play bed wars before

  • TORCHER Sangzela
    TORCHER Sangzela

    Hi bionic I like your video

  • Raven Maac
    Raven Maac

    try Roblox bedwars