*NEW* CRYPTO Mod in Among Us
We add a CRYPTO Imposter mod in Among Us!

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  • TheBritishBacon

    Nope I am from the UK so dollars are useless so I no like

  • eva shi
    eva shi

    you are the best youtuber i know /['w']\

  • eva shi
    eva shi

    i sub and liked garry's vidoe from kate shi

  • Paige Brewer
    Paige Brewer

    I can’t breathe

  • Paige Brewer
    Paige Brewer

    Cindy your your videos are blowing my mind

  • Castillo Alonso
    Castillo Alonso

    Waterslide sayra

  • Scott Jamieson
    Scott Jamieson

    sigils is so mean

  • nyi nyi tun
    nyi nyi tun


  • Saswat Behera
    Saswat Behera

    crypto hmm.... so much interesting

  • Ryan Oscar Gunawan
    Ryan Oscar Gunawan

    This my favourite video you made

  • Emmee Mullinax
    Emmee Mullinax

    I am playing the stock market game at school

  • Jackson Lowe
    Jackson Lowe

    I'm so surprised that he gets like at least 100k+ And 500k- and every other video has like 70k likes. Keep the work up SSundee. You keep my day going well 😊

  • HMKD 4
    HMKD 4

    Football is the best thing for the world and it’s not like it has been in my mind

  • Josh Knowles
    Josh Knowles

    What happens if its Black Friday

  • Jaiden Steptoe
    Jaiden Steptoe

    When your in England and you never had a dollar to your name ._.

  • xddenz

    You should change your pfp

  • jason jalova
    jason jalova

    I don't have a dollar cos I am in Philippines

  • L2Games

    fornite mod

  • Joshua Clark
    Joshua Clark

    5:13 ssundee said the c word like bruh.

  • N Perales
    N Perales

    Do avatar

  • Kassandra Ballesteros
    Kassandra Ballesteros

    Oh shit

  • Kassandra Ballesteros
    Kassandra Ballesteros


  • Absar lock
    Absar lock

    Sundee:if you had a boller hiiit the like button Me lives in briton:bruh

  • Lexie Myatt
    Lexie Myatt

    “If you’ve ever had a dollar smash that like button” Me being British and never having a dollar lol 😂

  • 沈洪


  • Tom Petrush
    Tom Petrush

    But still watching him

  • Tom Petrush
    Tom Petrush

    My cousin does not like Sundee

  • Elise Suzanne
    Elise Suzanne

    OK so my name is briar and I in six years old right now I am 1000 and 50,000 years old and that old I am you got that

  • Becki

    My favorite song on

  • Becki

    @Yen Durian

  • Becki


  • Becki

    My favorite song is

  • Becki

    My favorite song is ha name

  • Bob (Human form)
    Bob (Human form)


  • Adam Stuch
    Adam Stuch

    You know its gonna be a good day when SSundee uploads

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    Aiden Kennedy


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    Kenny Planter

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  • Ravi Heffes-Doon
    Ravi Heffes-Doon

    Money mode

  • Ravi Heffes-Doon
    Ravi Heffes-Doon

    Be an animal mode

  • Shaun Matthews
    Shaun Matthews


  • Chad Johnson
    Chad Johnson


  • Stephanye Wilkerson
    Stephanye Wilkerson

    Your face looks funny when when when you see you’re the imposter

  • Stephanye Wilkerson
    Stephanye Wilkerson

    Everybody says oof

  • Heryne Sticnimk
    Heryne Sticnimk

    Jokes on you we dont use dollars here

  • Mason Esparza
    Mason Esparza

    8:38 dies comes back from lava has bone sigilis sunnde well you got a bone

  • 23 田子猷
    23 田子猷

    This is like the billionaire mod

  • Gamer Friend11
    Gamer Friend11

    dang it man i keep pressing the dislike

  • Angel Sab
    Angel Sab

    Well I already did the thing that u say make the like button go to the moon 🌒, well my family went to the moon and I'm watching your vids and I click the like button then.... I dropped my phone 📱 and my poor phone is floating and I can't reach it and.. we went home and my mom bought me a new phone 😂📱

    • Angel Sab
      Angel Sab

      Oh my goodness 😃🤣😆

    • Angel Sab
      Angel Sab

      R.I.P MY PHONE :')

  • Tony Feghali
    Tony Feghali

    This mod is kinda complicated

  • dieggo gonzales
    dieggo gonzales

    To get free money of a trade you need to install a trading app

  • YouTuber doge
    YouTuber doge

    Is this doge crypto?

  • Hridaan Sirwani
    Hridaan Sirwani


  • Beluga fan
    Beluga fan


  • Meals 123
    Meals 123


  • Zaay

    4:39 patpee

  • h

    man stop with the among us, i want more fortnite

  • 🔥fahimfythpat223🔥

    5:04 the legendery ssundeeposter face

  • Calloway Jackson
    Calloway Jackson

    can you do scary paw patrol mod were you can turn into every pup

    • Calloway Jackson
      Calloway Jackson

      in would mean alot to me

  • shoto phenoix
    shoto phenoix

    :sundee: i just got five cooooooooooooooooooooock

  • Aman Ghale
    Aman Ghale


  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey


  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey


  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey



    Good video

  • Ethan cod games
    Ethan cod games

    Ive seen henwy transform into crypto

  • Nanna Lyngsie
    Nanna Lyngsie

    Can you do a scary barbie mape for the girls who watching?

  • Austin Stockman
    Austin Stockman

    Poor Gary :(

  • Jaime Perez Portela
    Jaime Perez Portela


  • Bratz Dolls
    Bratz Dolls

    Ian: who froze your assets Me: 👀 is this a imposter

  • Tara Cumberland
    Tara Cumberland

    The way he said “ehhhh I can kill’em” I’m dying

  • DJRedFire

    The Auto Clicker Strat is OP

  • •Axolotl_playz☆•

    Five nights at Freddy's mod they can turn into Chica٫Bonnie٫Foxy and Freddy they can turn invisible ofc a minigame give rotten pizza🍕and turn people into Chica٫Bonnie and Foxy.

  • Katie Felton
    Katie Felton


  • I like memes
    I like memes

    Ssundee if you have had a dollar hit the like button eroupeans:u wot

  • Gamer Magic GM
    Gamer Magic GM

    Can you pls do Billionaire vs Crypto mod

  • Maria Yuki
    Maria Yuki


  • Wolf Slayer
    Wolf Slayer

    How about a demonitization mod where the imposter is a demonitization sign and he can demonitize and shadow ban the crew and the crew has to make videos and skits and to escape the have to reach a sertan amount of followers and you can do whatever else you want with it cause I'm bad at coming up with ideas

  • Becki

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    Joy Pirus

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      Jackson Lowe

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  • Smexy 5
    Smexy 5

    What’s everyone’s favourite football kit mine is Fc Portos away kit

  • Levi Furrow
    Levi Furrow

    also maybe do a spoon vs fork mod

  • Levi Furrow
    Levi Furrow

    maybe do a janitor mod

  • Incognito 666
    Incognito 666

    top 10000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • adyhottie

    Imagine a trader playing this

  • Indy Gill
    Indy Gill

    Ssundee you cried becase Henwy was mad at you

  • Mary Grace Enriquez
    Mary Grace Enriquez

    That question isn’t true

  • Dale Suslick
    Dale Suslick

    evil rocket ship mod:the evil rocket has space abbilites and the rockets have level up to:2,3,5,10. and the speciaal abbilate is the star abbilate the rocket throws a star at people.

    • Daymian Gamer
      Daymian Gamer

      i think i just had a stroke

  • XxMarkusX6230Xx

    Did anyone notice how many times he said clockin??

  • Winter Ledesma
    Winter Ledesma


  • Brody Stanisz
    Brody Stanisz

    It is an among us video

  • Dan Pritchard
    Dan Pritchard

    I am Paraflame

  • Akakishi

    Is someone ruins the 6.9m views

  • Lord Salty
    Lord Salty

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  • Reddish Tyler
    Reddish Tyler

    But I liked anyway

  • Reddish Tyler
    Reddish Tyler

    I like the video but I can’t like because I’ve never gotten a dollar

  • Jaguar The RainWing
    Jaguar The RainWing

    Murder mystery among us mod! The murderer can take out a sword and normal kill, or throw the sword. OR he can take out a sniper and kill from across the map. He can also do a ‘hide in the crowd’ power where everyone changes to look like another. The detective can see foot prints and shoot who they think is the imposter. They can also do a power up where they see another persons role, but be careful! You only have three times to use it, and when you do it on the murderer, they get notified that the detective saw their role. When they find out the role of someone everyone can see their role above their head. If they shoot the wrong person, they die too and a gun drops, a notification pops up on everyone’s screen that the detective died and an arrow pops up pointing to the gun. The innocent run around and has to collect 5 coins to get a one time shot. They can only do this once and never again, use your shot wisely!

  • Alex&Addy

    Lol sigils make all of the crewmates in to an amry impostor