*NEW* GRIM REAPER Mod in Among Us
We add a GRIM REAPER Mod in Among us

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    Teo Zhuyin

    This almost better than the prison escape no doubt

  • Riley's Adventures
    Riley's Adventures

    Do a snorlax imposter role

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    The golden and pink girls

    I never going to BED (¦ꒉ[▓▓]

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    I love SSundee he is my favourite youtuber

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    I never saw this until September 19th 2021

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    i have an idea batman

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    Jelena Sambolec

    cat mod

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  • Minato

    the person who takes him is grim grim reaper reaper

  • pikaexe23

    How about a Flippy among us mod, Flippy would kill the amonanimals and the map would look like happy tree land but everyone in the show would be dead somewhere

  • SwaggyYasHQ


  • Isabelle Tieberghien
    Isabelle Tieberghien

    Pomp mod

  • Moonlight Fox
    Moonlight Fox

    Can you do Creepypasta mod the crew mate Slenderman is the crew made and the others are imposters they trying to hunt Slenderman

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    Hdkdbd Hdodjd

    ggr 😍😍🤗😋🙂😋😏😎🙂😋😋🤗😋😍😚😊😘😋😘

  • Green

    Creepy Thomas Thomas can run you over and call pursey to bring them to you Thomas can do a minigame and they have to dodge trains

  • Green

    And when they finish there tasks they can escape on a battlebus

  • challenge YT
    challenge YT

    remember' henwy is thirth impostor' don't trust him (just kudding) keep do good videos

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    challenge YT

    half of 258k it's not a 100k' you really not good at math

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    bro u always have so many likes and keep up the good work

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    black rage 878

    Why do you want to live u will die again cause u r in a coffin

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    raf s

    and do a little game that the witch has to find the players and if the witch find the players the players die and plz do it plz

  • raf s
    raf s

    hi can you do wich mod with a jump scare and a invisible plz?

  • Gamer girl
    Gamer girl

    Or a printable mod

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    4000,100 LIKES OMG 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    you finished a task for the grim reaper

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    Me to

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    ya isi nee sa nya arigato idk why its stuck in me head

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    I hit the like button in 1:33

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      And sub in 1:55

  • Jeffery Chen
    Jeffery Chen

    this is what i would do steal everyone's guns and don't kill them bubble guns can't kill you do your taks

  • Alexandra Vassileva
    Alexandra Vassileva

    try doing evil mikey mouse and good miney mouse: miney has to save the crewmates and mikey has to kill them

  • Kuya Terrenze Cutie
    Kuya Terrenze Cutie

    your a pro at among us

  • Tessa Cleary
    Tessa Cleary

    viper mod:there is a viper amoung us.we are all snakes and the mini game is you have to hide from the rain last one to hide dies also bushes to hide in for the hurricane

  • EthanLad22

    My last comment i forgot about the mini game: the mini game I where the crewmates have to free all the trapped souls of tails,knuckles,egg man, and then sonics soul.

  • Francisca Menezes
    Francisca Menezes


  • Marcos Matos
    Marcos Matos

    La muerte te matara cuando seas anciano.

  • EthanLad22

    You should make the sonic.exe mod: sonic.exe can capture souls until the other person frees them He can also turn them into tails.exe or knuckles.exe AKA an imposter And can also throw a giant knife which is a 50/50 chance it can stun them or kill them The when the crewmates finish they’re tasks they escape to the hidden palace.

  • Nanna Lyngsie
    Nanna Lyngsie

    It could be fantastic if you made a scary barbie mape for the girls who watching😂❤️♀️


    😱waw I lakumags I love ssad

  • Olivia Such
    Olivia Such

    I was very angry at Ian when he didn’t say “Quick Maths” at the start >:(

  • Frost Flamingo
    Frost Flamingo

    I just love his vids bc when I’m alone I watch him when I’m scared but he make me not scared *epic*

    • EthanLad22


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    Box Box for the box


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    Raul Orquiza

    Do you mean 400k likes

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    Tamu Azeri

    Ian did a task at the begining. I can not be the only one that saw it.

  • Random Stuff Person 💀
    Random Stuff Person 💀

    "Have you seen the grim reaper?" "Nope" "WHERES THE GRIM REAPER?" LOL, my favorite part!

  • Thax King
    Thax King

    Please do a random super hero mode

  • Benjamin Avella
    Benjamin Avella


  • ልሁዪጎር ᖽᐸᖇᖻSᗩᒪᓰS
    ልሁዪጎር ᖽᐸᖇᖻSᗩᒪᓰS

    💻ඞ 🔫ඞ

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    intense percy jackson remake

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    Alexia Nasr

    Here is a cookie and boba 🧋🍪❤️‍🔥 um yes

  • Rod Rod
    Rod Rod

    mod idea there well be a dinasor u know that black dinasor from drasick world or somthing any ways he can turn into that that dinasor can eat people and tune invasabably and can trun into blue that other dinasor and he can jump scar and blue can jump on the people and they cant move and I mean i guess the black dinasor can put trabs down AND THERE WELL BE A MINYGAME

  • Rod Rod
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    Natalie Regalado

    i love it

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    Giovanna Bonadia

    thx for make that theme of videos, mod of among us its cool, can got more views than anothers videos and make people happy for watch that, every day i see ur videos ssundee, and every video u make me laugh, thx for make my inner kid back again every video!!!! :3

  • Kyan Hodge
    Kyan Hodge

    You're You're MOD Was so cool That someone recreated It In clay

    • Nathan Taylor
      Nathan Taylor

      ClayClaim did

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    Master Panda 1944

    He forgot to mute

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  • Familia Nombela Molina
    Familia Nombela Molina

    God mod pls

  • Jaguar The RainWing
    Jaguar The RainWing

    Murder mystery among us mod! The murderer can take out a sword and normal kill, or throw the sword. OR he can take out a sniper and kill from across the map. He can also do a ‘hide in the crowd’ power where everyone changes to look like another. The detective can see foot prints and shoot who they think is the imposter. They can also do a power up where they see another persons role, but be careful! You only have three times to use it, and when you do it on the murderer, they get notified that the detective saw their role. When they find out the role of someone everyone can see their role above their head. If they shoot the wrong person, they die too and a gun drops, a notification pops up on everyone’s screen that the detective died and an arrow pops up pointing to the gun. The innocent run around and has to collect 5 coins to get a one time shot. They can only do this once and never again, use your shot wisely!

  • Bailey Coppock
    Bailey Coppock

    The best ssundee

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    Joshua Gubuan

    Kate: i saw him i saw him i saw him Also kate: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Yvo Gabriel

    Is lookumz Russian

  • Catsiscute

    yeet out map

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    sobia rashid

    thats epic

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    Spider man mod

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    Chhailong Kheng

    I'm hit the like bot but they turn the black laptop iPad

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    Nathan Jackson

    It would be funny if they made a big chungus mod

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    Elon mus have so many money

  • Menandro Baron
    Menandro Baron

    Wait is 408k like but sundee said only 100k like

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    BAC Area4

    You could have done medbay while they were sleeping

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    Since when imposters can do tasks😀....

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    Lydia Griffiths

    Random question for today: When's your birthday(for anyone who sees this comment^-^)

  • CleverCoder

    Wow, this is a great mod! I hope you make some more.

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    Matt Harris

    Luigi vs king boo mode

  • TomstaPlayz

    Why didn't he use the door senors?

  • Salman Ali
    Salman Ali

    Holyshit your videos good

  • Liam Power
    Liam Power

    The Phineas and ferb role: Phineas has abilities such as kill, scream (Scream “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TODAY?” and that will do a 50-50, to kill or stun them for 15 seconds)He can also time travel, destroying your cool downs. And Ferb, has kill, and he also has question (Causing everybody to stop and talk, giving advantage running time to the Imposter). The mini game would be building the Eiffel Tower, last person to finish dies, and the crew mates are Candace. As always, they have to do tasks, but they can talk to Jeremy on the phone. There is a Jeremy meter, if it gets all the way down, you die. You have to call Jeremy to keep it up.The imposter can make the bar go up and down. And she also has the 50-50 button, making the 50-50 chance between them and the other Candace. And she also has the Call Jeremy ability. So the imposter starts as Candace, but you can transform into Phineas or Ferb. The map should be The Skeld, and it should be decorated with inventions, places in Danville, and just other things that I will let you and your friends decide. Please consider this mod, for it took me 1 and a half years to come up with it. It would also just be disappointing if it didn’t happen. Thanks.

  • Clark Decio
    Clark Decio

    Sana all lodi

  • nasin sakolchai
    nasin sakolchai

    skate mod

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    I love these vids

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    Fox's Kids

    My favorite one Is the Loki

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    Zoos grim reaper

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