*NEW* RANDOM ROLES *6* in Among Us
We play RANDOM Imposter Roles in Among Us!

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  • itsZΞUSツ


  • Jaicee Twede
    Jaicee Twede

    Please keep making these random times I love them

  • Jennifer Gilbert
    Jennifer Gilbert

    Do splatoon

  • Ella Carmack
    Ella Carmack

    SSundee did a great job being a phantom

  • Aj YT STM
    Aj YT STM

    Hey Ssundee, can you know how to download townofus into android?

  • Kyrollos010

    I wonder what that Locksmith crewmate role does (14:25). My guess is that they automatically unlock doors in the same way the Engineer autofixes sabotages.

  • Genalyn Maneclang
    Genalyn Maneclang

    Wait Russell is playing!?

  • david harris
    david harris


  • pyrotron83


  • Emi Torre
    Emi Torre

    Why dont you make livestreams? It would be really cool

  • Amanda W
    Amanda W

    i wish i can play with you

  • Amanda W
    Amanda W

    im subscibed

  • Amanda W
    Amanda W


  • Helena Midjord
    Helena Midjord

    i love your videos

  • Henri Hazzam
    Henri Hazzam

    Task idea infernal mod. Infernal can smokescreen the crew mates. Run threw them to kill them. Fly up using fire then pound the ground. Make someone swallow obsidian Turn big and shoot a shoot a lava gun mini game floor is lava The crew mates can hide in caves around the map finish there tasks to go in the water canister and try to save people from obsidian 50/50 chance of dying

  • Ayla Newrick
    Ayla Newrick

    Love all the roles

  • kosalahthipongs ly
    kosalahthipongs ly

    Leaf,fire, ice and lightning imposter role:leaf can use a leaf Blade to kill the crew mate and can do deadly oxygen, fire can start mini game cool down is 20 try to escape the volcano , ice starts a blizzard and pull everyone to a random location but one person die from its to cold and lightning starts a thunderstorm and summons thunder rats that you try to run from I hope you enjoy my role bye love your vids bye.

  • SarahSwindlehurst

    I know a good mod hide and seek the imposter is a seeker and they tag the crewmate they can go invisible but you see their footprints

    • Official French Dababy
      Official French Dababy

      Nice love the I idea

  • Alexis mascarenas
    Alexis mascarenas

    Ssunde can u play among us with no mods

  • The Dragon Lord
    The Dragon Lord

    This is one of my favourite mods you do keep up the great work

  • kz3358

    I watch him every day he makes my day to

  • kz3358

    Ssundee is the best at wining in among us its healers

  • Cy2020yt

    Do town of imposters for ramdom roles 7

  • The Super Bro’s
    The Super Bro’s

    I do the dragon mod

  • Kris Bragg
    Kris Bragg

    can you make a toby role toby is a black and white frenchbull dog toby can nibble their ankles bite people toby can make a amry of tobs to kill a crewmember and do a toby chase minygame

  • SuperChucky Gaming
    SuperChucky Gaming

    Randomly hit that like button. Make the *bruh*

  • John Williamsen
    John Williamsen

    i,m blied i can,t hear you? XD

  • Brett Zinke
    Brett Zinke


  • Cindy Parks
    Cindy Parks

    You beg stop begging for subscribers and likes you get those by people liking your video

  • Ryan and Emily Hoell
    Ryan and Emily Hoell

    you have 2 caveteys

  • lorraine deborah cork
    lorraine deborah cork


  • Krishna Prasad Surapaneni
    Krishna Prasad Surapaneni


  • GenixGod




  • DumplingggMaster

    Did Pat Pee

  • 05 Amruth
    05 Amruth


  • Melinda Suares
    Melinda Suares


  • Omar Gomez
    Omar Gomez

    Can you do a mod that is a plant mod the plant imposter it grabs crewmates and puts the crewmates in a little thing and squishs him? Please 🥺

  • Bryce Petrucci
    Bryce Petrucci

    Fortnite inposter role. can use an ar build walls and do a battle royale minigame

  • Tristan Cooper
    Tristan Cooper

    69420 likes yes sus amogus si


    Can you bring back fortnite

  • thomas brooks
    thomas brooks

    Your the best HRlessr anyone could have I hope I can be in among us with you.

  • Millon play's
    Millon play's

    Yo SSundee do a knee mod

  • CAP 10
    CAP 10

    did anyone spot sypher pk in the video

  • think the bacon hair
    think the bacon hair

    Nico is trash jester Time stamps: 6:56 8:50

  • LAW XI RAY Moe
    LAW XI RAY Moe

    Ssundee nood

  • Neo The Gamer
    Neo The Gamer


  • Lori Galligan
    Lori Galligan


  • Lori Galligan
    Lori Galligan


  • S NationZ Games
    S NationZ Games

    1:08 In honour of random roles, RANDOMLY die out of nowhere

  • Violetic !
    Violetic !


  • SStylee


  • snake boy
    snake boy

    Why SSundee is so stressed when seeing people as the phantom role,I can barely see him and he already stressed

  • sandip patel
    sandip patel


  • Aussie Informer
    Aussie Informer

    Ssundee is the best player in the group!

  • Noob1

    Omg you just saw me vent

  • Colombe Rossi
    Colombe Rossi

    Half the likes more like 5x the likes

  • Landon Kearney
    Landon Kearney

    Do an artist mod

  • Emily Claxton
    Emily Claxton

    Anyone notice he's always the imposter the 2nd around? Love his videos tho! Just something I've noticed :)

  • Araya’s channel 🌈📚🖥🎬
    Araya’s channel 🌈📚🖥🎬

    3:26 bLEeEeeEeeWWWwW

  • Araya’s channel 🌈📚🖥🎬
    Araya’s channel 🌈📚🖥🎬

    0:23: scrrrrr-AT Me: TATATATATAT

  • Anggun Wiryono
    Anggun Wiryono


  • Jennifer Margentino
    Jennifer Margentino

    (And sorry not same thing as the computer mod is the computer vs Tablet the comeputer is Imposter where its so easy and funny to me ur kill cool down is 0 and u can go invis and kill u can kill two peploe only if they are together so sorry that i messed up but u do get the computer or tablet but as the computer u only see u rolled Computer so I am sorry but love ur videos Sundee/Ian and umm theres a minigame its "doges the cats or tablet beating the inposter")

  • Perseus Gaming 365
    Perseus Gaming 365

    I love how he says that 100K is half of 300K lol.

  • An Nguyễn Xuân
    An Nguyễn Xuân

    I love SSundee and GaryBlox

  • Diverse_Joseph

    U beat it

  • Icygreenfox

    Clash royal mod you can be different people and each person has different ability’s

    • Icygreenfox


  • Aaron Cazares
    Aaron Cazares

    This is a dum mod

  • Lucky on Friday the 13th Fris
    Lucky on Friday the 13th Fris

    This is my log out of my Xbox bye yet your a foot guy

  • Nana Jax
    Nana Jax

    Is that more like do you need

  • Eliana F
    Eliana F

    I wanted to say this in every single video that you made because I like them

  • Eliana F
    Eliana F

    I love your videos my name is Eli 😍

  • VihaanVGamingHub


  • The angels adventures
    The angels adventures

    Clown mood

  • ??!?hi ??????
    ??!?hi ??????



    More random roles pls

  • The Epic Doge Gamer
    The Epic Doge Gamer

    This channel delights me every day, hey Ein if thats how you spell your name sorry if it isnt, can you make a mod where you can share the link to it so other people and me maybe can play the mod. Thanks if you can!

    • The Epic Doge Gamer
      The Epic Doge Gamer

      like put the link in the discription for the mod for every video if you can

    • The Epic Doge Gamer
      The Epic Doge Gamer

      Not mod just maybe share the link sorry.

  • Jordan Golden
    Jordan Golden

    It’s kinda like when once I was playing AmongUs and the imposter killed me at the same time a emergency meeting was called

  • Jordan Golden
    Jordan Golden

    L-O-V-E the video

  • gamer cat777
    gamer cat777


  • Liam Gavan
    Liam Gavan

    7:27 why was the admin button showed it was mira hq?

  • gamer squad
    gamer squad

    Pop goes ian

  • Hùng Đào Quốc
    Hùng Đào Quốc

    good 😌

  • Ealider Berinsi
    Ealider Berinsi

    The right hour increasingly hang because cappelletti principally remain without a milky delete. aboriginal, flat japanese

  • Babak Kheshti
    Babak Kheshti

    Hugging gives you hug diseases -Ssundee 2021

  • RigSaw watson
    RigSaw watson

    i love these mods

  • EthanLad22

    Grim reaper mod: the grim reaper can take souls to kill and spawn soul traps Then the when the crewmates finish they’re tasks they can escape to a bunker.

  • Ms. Ferguson
    Ms. Ferguson

    What about the Deadpool mod he can slice you with his swords talk to you to death and stun you with his jokes and he can shoot you with his guns

  • XxISADORA XxgachaXx
    XxISADORA XxgachaXx

    Wat? ;-;

  • Stephen Walkin'
    Stephen Walkin'

    2:00 it sound like pacman dies

  • Im Knight
    Im Knight

    sundee keep doing random roles there really good

  • Chase's Titanic perseguir Titánico
    Chase's Titanic perseguir Titánico

    Zad pug

  • Zone Car
    Zone Car


  • Avni Pabreja
    Avni Pabreja

    Ssundee- Click this next video to watch the next video Me- Uhhh iSn'T tHaT oBvIoUs?

  • kane


  • PandaParties

    we got 400k likes that might be new record

  • Ibetyoujoeucsntreadthisall

    I’m just watching a video haha I randomly liked

  • sandip patel
    sandip patel


  • tannor tsonchoke
    tannor tsonchoke

    I missed when ssundee played fortnite and the other games he used to play;(