*NEW* TESLA Mod in Among Us
We add an EVIL Tesla Imposter in Modder AMONG US!

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  • Dinosaur Destroyer
    Dinosaur Destroyer

    imposter should be a dragon and The special crewmate should be a Medieval Hero to defeat the dragon dragons Has the kill all the crewmates

  • Nicolo Piguero
    Nicolo Piguero

    Henwy + sundee = hendee and sunwy

  • Sussy

    My friend Dominic has a tesla


    tesla vs train

  • Derek O'Reilly
    Derek O'Reilly


  • Derek O'Reilly
    Derek O'Reilly

    Sike it was good vid😎😎😎😎

  • Derek O'Reilly
    Derek O'Reilly


    • Derek O'Reilly
      Derek O'Reilly


    • Derek O'Reilly
      Derek O'Reilly


  • Castillo Alonso
    Castillo Alonso


  • Liza Ayson
    Liza Ayson

    The moment he started the video i already see the impostor

  • Payton Vanz
    Payton Vanz

    More fort nite vid


    I already know its henwy

  • Mia Nightlight
    Mia Nightlight

    Let’s be happy that 404k people drove/has been in a Tesla :)

  • Karman Sigh
    Karman Sigh


  • Karman Sigh
    Karman Sigh


  • Karman Sigh
    Karman Sigh


  • Karman Sigh
    Karman Sigh


  • JGT Gaming
    JGT Gaming

    12:30 Henry thought he was the imposter!

  • JGT Gaming
    JGT Gaming

    10:10 Ssundee forgot to mute AGAIN!

  • cloudy skies
    cloudy skies


  • jenn kalwa
    jenn kalwa

    The like button doesn’t turn blue, ever

  • John Pierre
    John Pierre

    Do the doors

  • Genalyn Maneclang
    Genalyn Maneclang

    Fun fact:the front of the tesla is the storage area and the back of the Tesla is the engine (1000000% true)

  • The golden and pink girls
    The golden and pink girls

    The dog mod: there is a dog you can Pee on people to death and play with Them to death and the dog can rip your shoes

  • PopcornJelly

    403k dam

  • maricela vallecillo
    maricela vallecillo

    Fornite mod

  • kean hendrickson
    kean hendrickson

    it turned black im guilty🤣

  • Linnit Gaming
    Linnit Gaming

    I have a Tesla

  • Hardy Lin
    Hardy Lin

    the like button turned black when i clicked it

  • pm

    100 out of 25

  • Theo Nilsen
    Theo Nilsen

    the button never turns blueD: I just want to know what a Tesla is or check if I ever have done a workout D: lol

  • Bob Sponge
    Bob Sponge

    Pls make a nintendo switch mod

    • colden

      already did

  • hughes7078

    Your always acting sus and that face is a no no BTW I love your video there awesome!

  • Mimic sama Chapter IV
    Mimic sama Chapter IV


  • Creeper Craft Ice
    Creeper Craft Ice

    undertale mod as you spare monster you level up and get more ability's and get a new soul

  • Cathleen Li
    Cathleen Li

    Aaaa I just got home the phone with my dad and I was just trying to get a new car to be done in my house 🏠 so it is going back on and off again in my room I don’t have any time at this moment I will have a couple questions for him so we could have some questions on it but we 这往往是一种习惯,我们的生活方式是什么时候回来呢,我们的吴乐孤儿院诶,111111。

  • Cathleen Li
    Cathleen Li

    It’s Sandy I hate you said you hate you you are a big Noob and I like your hair is blonde maybe you can impress your videos a bit like do you want to look at your hair like Ruby so can you cut your hair for me please so you look better

  • Jaxon  gibbins
    Jaxon gibbins


  • Mr ajolote
    Mr ajolote

    SSunde do the tricky vs hank mod it’s super cool

  • Troy Knight
    Troy Knight

    The loca

  • Out of this world gameing1234
    Out of this world gameing1234


  • abdulkarim djama
    abdulkarim djama

    my brother got a tesla model x on his birthday


    My favorite car in the hole world is a tesla

  • Matthew Herrera
    Matthew Herrera

    Stop holding people Sunday my brother knows your name

  • Matthew Herrera
    Matthew Herrera

    Stop holding people

  • Matthew Herrera
    Matthew Herrera

    The first one is the best part of this is the first one is a little bit better for me lol I don't know how to get it up to you or not but I have to you or

  • Porter Tysdal
    Porter Tysdal

    Day 5 of asking you to do a Friday night funkin mod

  • Mr flammes For u
    Mr flammes For u

    I know 3.type of tesla's 1. A model 1 2. A model 3 3. A model x Thats all the tesla's i know

  • kalyl fajardo
    kalyl fajardo

    Love the way he does the toyko drift

  • Dancingqueen3429

    How do we get different mods bc I really want to play different mods

  • Dancingqueen3429


  • sydney_roblox

    ssundee:if your telling the truth it turns blue,whaat -laughs- me:im telling the truth but it turns black -rages-

  • kenny 7890
    kenny 7890


    • kenny 7890
      kenny 7890

      he sounds like a baby duckling

  • Mario W.
    Mario W.

    The mini game is a ghost hunt the one with the least will die.

  • Mario W.
    Mario W.

    The Imposter is King Boo and King Boo can make other ghost attack for him and he can smash crewmates with his tongue and kill them and he can turn invisible and Luigi has to protect the crewmates and suck up King Boo and Luigi can also suck up crewmates and launch them where they need to.

  • EndBossSlime

    What about switch? This make no sense

  • Mario W.
    Mario W.

    Luigi's Mansion

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee

    My like button actually turns Whiteside no cap I'm not joking. LIKE doesn't turn blue SSUNDEE HELP

  • laura mosley
    laura mosley

    hi ssundee my name is mikayla i want ninja mod i will like susceptible

  • weird last name
    weird last name

    Did anybody see the tall Among Us character whatever he was invisible for one second

  • Aj Stad
    Aj Stad

    Look i got 61 mil subs sjuande u got lokee 12 ur bd

  • Dexter Wharton
    Dexter Wharton


  • Cathy Steele-Gray
    Cathy Steele-Gray


  • Slothkingyaya

    my like button turned black

  • Kid that gets tired when playing a game
    Kid that gets tired when playing a game

    i guess i was lying because when i clicked the like button the like button turned black

  • Jacob Solomon
    Jacob Solomon


  • Kutala Bizana
    Kutala Bizana

    Do a mid were you are The imposter every vote but you’re not actually dumb pasta

  • Sully's Imagination
    Sully's Imagination

    can you PLEASE let put this game in the discription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malinda Zellers
    Malinda Zellers

    A tesla is my dreme car

  • Malinda Zellers
    Malinda Zellers

    i love teslas

  • Ainsley Lavery-Bartlett
    Ainsley Lavery-Bartlett

    how do you get the mods

  • Julia Howells
    Julia Howells

    Make a dynamite mod in among us

  • Sora the Spirit Wolf
    Sora the Spirit Wolf


  • Joseph Wong
    Joseph Wong

    The like button is not blue whats a tesla

  • Adithi’s Little world
    Adithi’s Little world

    Here is a mod idea ninja mod or something like that

  • Kurt Pontino
    Kurt Pontino

    i realy want that mod

  • Kerry Williams
    Kerry Williams


  • sandip patel
    sandip patel


  • adrian dobson
    adrian dobson

    About a tester for you

  • MrEpicTheCommenter

    ive rode a tesla but it wasnt ours

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson

    tesla caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  • Mew91

    make a sleneder man role it has range and it can turn into really really small and it has (NO NAME)

  • Tesla Watson
    Tesla Watson

    thats my name

  • RoBoLx GiRl 2010
    RoBoLx GiRl 2010

    My like button turns white lol

  • Lucky on Friday the 13th Fris
    Lucky on Friday the 13th Fris


  • Liza Abreu
    Liza Abreu

    yo ssundee make a evil imposter vs good imposter

  • Taneka O'Keeffe
    Taneka O'Keeffe



    Hey Ssundee can you do a favor can you do fnf mod

  • Sans but different
    Sans but different


  • Aubree Cook
    Aubree Cook

    that last second meeting tho

  • NatiStreams

    My Hero Academia ROLES Deku - Finger flick single kill close range kill short cooldown Almight - Delaware Smash proximity punch/jump slam attack across map Lemillion - permeation quirk able to walk through all walls Shigaraki- decay quirk crewmate is on a timer other crewmates can save him 50/50 chance by transferring the decay to themselves Himiko Toga - single kill takes form/color of person killed for x seconds medium cooldown Overhaul - flips the map mirror upside down color schemes long cooldown Stain - paralyzes crewmate for x seconds medium cooldown Eraser head - takes away vision for x seconds Medium cooldown Eri - undos last task for every crewmate extra long cooldown All for one - Ultimate attack large animated attack (wind rocks crumbling earthquake fire stuff like that) that kills anyone not in a building long cooldown MINIGAME Like fidget spinner minigame but similar to temple run. Last to get caught by nomus running after crewmates gets to pick person to kill. Down long street with cars as random blockages and craters that can fall in Crewmates are all civilians escaping the city from the hero villain fight. Also could do heroes(almight, deku, lemillion, Eraser head, eri after Overhaul control) saving crewmates from villains (all for one, Shigaraki, Overhaul, stain, himiko toga, eri during Overhaul control) Im subscribed and watch/like all your videos daily youre amazing. I would love to play this one with you if it gets created i think it really could be a hit with the fanbase and your teams imagination and creativity. Unfortunately i can not afford a gaming PC so ill look for the video of yall playing this one. "If you have a quirk of your own hit that like button and if your not lying itll turn blue 🙌😆" Thank you SSundee!

  • Francis Bueno
    Francis Bueno

    My dream car is tesla but I'm in philippines and there's no tesla: (

  • Manning Farley
    Manning Farley


  • Tony Feghali
    Tony Feghali

    What does the auto pilot do as a crewmate



  • Selim Sanlı
    Selim Sanlı

    uhhhh like button pressed by me but... there is a problem it turned white not blue this is weird

  • SweetCandyDragon

    Who else noticed he said to hit the like button if you never owned a Tesla before?

  • Qwerty Like1231
    Qwerty Like1231

    1 week and 400k?!?!?!!! Omg ur an genius

  • Jiamyra Halaena Migullas
    Jiamyra Halaena Migullas

    Amazing Mod ssundee!

  • ethan drew
    ethan drew

    J J J J J J J J Jj

  • Mark Zuccerburg
    Mark Zuccerburg

    how yall still playin this trash game